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      Beer equipment
      Carbonation and Nitrogention System

      Continuous,highly accurate adjustment of N2 and CO2 content

      Highly efficient CO2 injector,low pressure drop,complete dissolving of CO2 and N2

      Highly precise dosing of deaerated water via two parallel control values

      Optional in-line oxygen analyzer

      Hygienic design,full CIP capability

      Easy operation,low maintenance effort,long service life

      Fully automatic operation with standard PLC and touch panel

      Optional integration in process control system and remote maintenance

      Individually dimensioned and designed for each specific application

      Equipment and components according to customer specification

      Compact tubular-frame system(skid mounted)

         The Carbonation-and Nitrogenation System continuously and highly accurately controls the CO2 and N2 content of beer,beer mix drinks,soft drinks and mineral water by precisely regulated dosing of CO2 and N2.

         The process is well established in the brewing and soft drink industry for the production of carbonated beverages.It can be installed between beer filtration and BBT as well as directly before the filter.A blending system or a premixer can be combined with the unit.The system is characterized by highly accurate and reliable analyzers and precise control algorithms.

         With these control algorithms the unit,like the displayed unit,is able to run directly after a centrifuge without using any buffertank.The koercl gas injector splits the CO2 and N2 into very small bubbles and ensures dissolving.

      Technical Description

         CO2 and N2 is injected into the beer via the GDI gas injector developed by koercl.The gas injector splits the gasses into very small bubbles and ensures that the CO2 completely dissolves in a very short time.The system works without using a static mixer.

         The homogeneous dispersion and the absence of gas bubbles can be monitored by a sight glass situated at the outlet of the dissolving path.

         The CO2 and N2 content is continuously measured in-line at the outlet of the unit .The product specific set point is compared with the process value and the CO2 and N2 flow is adjusted accordingly by a control algorithm.The control valve,which is located at the end of the dissolving path,keeps the pressure in the system constant,even if the flow is unstesdy.The displayed unit is integrated and controlled in a process control system.Designed for high hygienic standards,all common cleaning agents in the brewing and beverage industry can be used for CIP cleaning.

      Technical Specification



      Measuring range-N2

      0-100 mg/l

      Measuring range-CO2


      CO2/N2 pressure


      CO2/N2 purity